The Library is Open for Business!!

Students are allowed to check out one book for two weeks, with an option to renew if necessary. To check out books there are a few times when the students are allowed to come to the library. Most English/Language Arts teachers are bringing their classes in periodically. In addition, the library is open during both lunches and after school from 3:30-4:30.

To come to the library during lunch, the students must have their Student IDs and find either Ms. Duran during first lunch or Ms. Ochoa during second lunch to receive a pass to the library. They must have eaten first as food is not allowed in the library. When they enter the library they will sign in and give Ms. Aviles their pass. After they've chosen their book she will help them scan their Student ID and then scan the book. If the kids need to renew a book, they should bring the book back to the library on or before the due date and it will be rechecked out to them.

The library has hundreds of new books on the shelves and we've put a new book section right by the entrance of the library so let your kids know to check out the new books!

There is also a suggestion box on the circulation desk so if there's a book or series they are interested in please tell them to let us know! We are continuing to improve our collection.

And finally our annual holiday pie sale in support of the library is moving its delivery date this year from November to December. Please watch for order forms that will be available in a few weeks.

Happy Reading!