Want to be part of the 2017-2018 FBMS PTO???

Reminder -- The Nominating Committee for the PTO Board for next year as been formed.  Thank you to Carrie Phillips, Candice Croker, Jill Davis, Libby Covington, and Jamie Ennett.  They will be accepting nominations to present to the Board until April 7, 2017.  Please support next year's PTO and continue the momentum that our PTO has been able to create over the last several years.  Exiting 8th Grade Parents will need to pass the torch along and need current 6th grade parents and incoming 5th grade parents to get involved and to continue to make sure that our students and faculty have all of the support we can give them.  Attached is a Nominating Form in English, a Nominating Form in Spanish, and a brief description of these Board Positions.  If you do not want a Board Level position and are willing to help with or chair a committee, please let them know so that they can forward that to the new Board member.  Thank you for your support of FBMS PTO!