Fiesta Texas / Promotion Ceremony - 8th Grade

From Mr. McClish - here is the permission slip for the trip in case your student did not bring it home.  In addition, here is the powerpoint for Fiesta Texas and the Promotion Ceremony students will review in homeroom on Monday and Tuesday next week and will outline for students key info about the trip and the promotion ceremony the following week.

Key info on the trip:

Arrival/Breakfast: 6:00 Am in Cafeteria
Roll Taken: 630am-645am
Load buses: 645 am
Depart FBMS: 7am
Depart Fiesta Texas: 6 pm
Dinner at McDonalds: 630pm-7pm
Arrive at FBMS: 10pm

Right now we have 200 attending students. We are shooting for 20 parent chaperones to give us 30 chaperones total (including faculty). We have 12 parent spots confirmed so we're looking for 8 more. I have several others who are interested but have not confirmed with me yet.

Other assistance would be for a parent to pick up the doughnuts from Shipley's the morning of. I will get the order placed and will get the parent the money. We just want to have the doughnuts on campus by 6am so we can begin serving breakfast.