HISD Budget Update

HISD is in the process of approving the budget for the 2017-18 School year.  The final budget for 2017-18 is scheduled to be approved by the board on June 22, 2017.  This past Thursday a budget workshop was presented to the board with some recommended changes in funding.

One of the recommendations was a significant reduction in Magnet Funding. The budget workshop presentation that was published on the HISD website is attached.  

Some interesting observations:
- HISD Budget for 2017-18 is $1.9B.
- The proposed budget has $0 increase in the PUA (per unit allocation) for all students.
- Current Magnet Funding is about $21.5M; about 1% of the entire HISD budget.
- The current proposal includes a significant reduction in Magnet funding (Vanguard funding is currently @ $410/student reduced to $0 in year 3.  Other magnet funding categories will be eliminated or reduced to approx. $50/student).
- In 2016-17 FBMS received $109,880 in funding for our Vanguard Designation. If funding is maintained FBMS would receive $153,340 in 2017-18.  The current proposal would eventually eliminate this funding from the FBMS school budget. 
- Proposed teacher raise options presented:  Option A - 2% resulting in a $26.6M budget increase; Option B - 5% resulting in a $61.4M budget increase.
- Proposed increased funding for the Achieve 180 program would be $24M.
- According to an HISD Board member, Superintendent Carranza does not think that a reduction in Magnet funding will impact the results of the programs that are being funded.

Please take the opportunity to review the Budget Workshop Form.  According to the proposal there are plans to have a meetings to solicit community input.  Feel free to share any opinions or concerns with your HISD Board Member.