FBMS Family Rallying to Assist Coach Myles' Family

FBMS Coach Laura Myles has rallied many students to find their athletic strengths. What most do not know, she goes home every day after work to assist her husband with his kidney dialysis. 

During the summer of 2016, just after the birth of their third son, Coach Myles' husband Tywain - a coach himself and former football player - became ill.  Shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney failure.  Throughout this summer, the Myles family has endured many medical battles relating to the kidney failure. See this news link for a story on his illness.  His doctors have tested many friends and relatives to find a compatible kidney and remain hopeful that a viable kidney will be available for him in the near future. 

To support Coach Myles and her family, a dinner drop and a fund raiser are being organized.  We will have more information in next week's e-news, so stay tuned for ways in which you can help!