Harvey Update

We know that members of the FBMS family have been affected by Harvey, others are out in the community helping with recovery, and many more are wanting to know how they can help.

If you have been affected by Harvey and need assistance, please contact FBMS counselor Ms. Ross-Moore (jrossmoo@houstonisd.org).  There are plenty of people in the FBMS community ready to assist.  Help can be received anonymously if you wish, and all communications will remain private unless you ask that they be shared.

As of the date of this newsletter, school administrators are just returning to FBMS.  Needs of the school, the staff, and the students are still being assessed.  We will be updating in future newsletters and on Facebook as additional needs may arise.  All needs remain confidential unless otherwise requested.  And remember that HISD is collecting donations at Del Mar Field House, 2020 Mangum Road.

We are so very proud of the recovery efforts of the FBMS family already.  Many members of the Panther Band have spent days working to clean up Mr. Smith's house.  We have seen multiple FBMS students out cleaning up, helping with donations, and volunteering at shelters and the Houston Food Bank.  And in the immediate aftermath of the storm, we had a good turnout at the FBMS Supper Club at MytiBurger--all of the proceeds from that night will be donated for school supplies and uniforms for Harvey victims.  

Houston and FBMS strong!