Assistance for the Smith Family

As many of you know, Mr. Smith, the FBMS band director, lost everything when his house flooded during Harvey.  In addition, his wife is due to deliver their second child in a few days!  Panther band members and other FBMS families have been working hard on the cleanup of his house, and they are now ready to turn to recovery.

Because they lost all of their baby items in the flood, the band has assisted them in setting up a baby registry at Target under the name Brenda Corral-Smith and Richard Eli's Smith baby registry.  If you are interested in helping them restock their baby items, please check out their needs.  In addition, monetary donations can be made through PayPal to  The Smiths are very appreciative of all of the offers of help that have already come their way from the FBMS family.  If you have any specific questions about how to help, contact Meggan Watson at