Help Donate Supplies for FBMS Art Cars!!

Parents, Teachers and Patrons of the Arts:    

Frank Black Middle School is working on two art cars this year!  We are hoping you might help support us with supplies and donations for the 2018 art cars.  Specifically we are in need of:

  • Cans of hairspray or empty aerosol cans (we will put an “Ultra Clutch Hairspray” label on it)
  • Four 12 inch diameter cement form tubes (will be made into huge hairspray bottle sculptures)
  • Bling: Mardi Gras beads, broken & whole tiles, glitter (the mini glitter, not the large glitter) or other shiny items we can attach to the car. 
  • 24 tubes 100% clear silicone caulking
  • Used Exterior paint
  • Art car expertise – if you have worked on art cars before or have specific areas that you think you can help us with, we would love your help. 

If you have any of these items and/or are willing to donate any of these items please contact Mr. Pinkston, the FBMS Art Teacher.