Thank You for Making Football, Foam and Fun a Success!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for YOUR help in making Football, Foam and Fun a great time and a success!

To the Parents - Thank for your supporting your students and fundraising!

To the Students - Thank you for raising funds and having fun last Wednesday!

To the School, Administration and Teachers - Thank You for opening campus for us and being so flexible to work with!

To the Committee - Thank You for your hours of support, creating the Kickoff, helping with Ca$h Grab and prizes, running the event last Wednesday, and securing sponsorships!

To the Volunteers - Thank You for braving the sunny play day last Wednesday to help the students have a blast!

To the Sponsors - Thank Your for your generosity and support to make this whole event possible!

To Ms. Honore - Thank You for your support and wrapping a snake around your neck when we met our $35K goal!

To the Deans - Thank You for your support and for getting Pie-in-the-Face today at the Pep Rallies!

Panther Proud!

Love, Holly Inderrieden & Cecy Miranda