Ms. Honore’s Monthly Panther Update

Hello Panther Nation!

I would like to give my sincere gratitude and appreciation on behalf of the FBMS faculty and staff for the tremendous parental and community support provided through the Anchors Up Spring Auction fundraiser! As we continue to grow and enhance our programs in Academics, the Arts, and Athletics, our students thrive. These collaborative efforts are a recipe for success for the FBMS family and it ensures Every Kid Every Day receives what they need to be successful. Thanks to the PTO for coordinating and making the Auction possible. You all are the MVP’s!

The safety of our students is always our number one priority at FBMS, and we view our ongoing mission to strengthen our protective efforts as a partnership with Panther Nation. To that end, we would like to inform you about recent safety measures we are enacting on campus:

  • STOP SIGN. Our PTO has purchased a stop sign in the car-riders lane as a reminder to drivers to look out for students and staff members crossing the cross walk during arrival and dismissal times near the black awning.

  • CROSS-WALK ON CHANTILLY. Many parents drop off their children on Chantilly, in front of the church, by the cross-walk. We will be placing a crossing guard at this location within the upcoming weeks during arrival and dismissal times to ensure our students cross the street safely at the designated crosswalk.

How can you help?

· If you plan to drop off your child on Chantilly traveling towards Piney Woods, please have them exit the vehicle on the side adjacent to the sidewalk in front of the church.

· Remind your child they must walk to the crossing guard to cross the street at the designated crosswalk. We do not want students crossing the street in between vehicles along Chantilly with ongoing traffic.

· Do not pass around vehicles that have stopped to drop off their child.

· Please stop at the stop-sign in the car-riders lane and check for students and staff members crossing.

· Before exiting the car-riders lane onto Chantilly, please stop and watch for students at the exit gate who may be crossing.

· Drive cautiously around the school and be on the lookout for the crossing guard and students crossing.

As a heads up, enforcing the cross-walk could back-up the flow of traffic somewhat on Chantilly. Lamonte is another option for drop-off where students can utilize the sidewalk to enter the campus without crossing any streets. As a recommendation, entering the school in the car-riders lane on Piney Woods is always the safest means of drop-off for your children.

We will monitor and adjust as needed to enhance the safety of our arrival and dismissal procedures. As always, we welcome all feedback.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and collaboration in keeping students at FBMS safe!


Ms. Rhonda Honore’