September 2nd Newsletter Legislative Update

This week an excellent editorial was published in the Houston Chronicle by the editorial board, “HISD Isn’t All Broken. Leaders Should Continue What Works”. It is well worth your time. 

HISD is waiting for an announcement from the Texas Education Agency about what sanctions will be imposed on the district. HISD is subject to sanctions because Wheatley High School received a seventh consecutive failing accountability rating. There are two actions TEA can take: close Wheatley High School or install a Board of Managers. TEA has signaled it will not close Wheatley, so I expect HISD will get an appointed Board of Managers. The Managers will be responsible for governing the district in the short-term. However, there will still be elections for the Board of Trustees in November. This is because as TEA sees improvement in the district they can start to allow elected Trustees to roll onto the Board over time. That could mean in two years two Managers could roll off the Board and be replaced by elected Trustees, at the discretion of the Commissioner of TEA. While waiting to resume their official duties, the Trustees will participate in ceremonial duties only. They will have no decision-making authority over the district during that time. 

HISD is divided into nine geographic areas for Board of Trustee elections. Four of those districts have regularly scheduled elections this year. Each Trustee serves a four-year term. The districts holding elections this year are: District 2, District 3, District 4, and District 8. FBMS is in District 2. If you live near FBMS, you may be in that district. For a map of the district, look here.  Or you can go to closer to election time to see a sample ballot. Last week there was a Trustee Candidate forum. If you would like to watch it, it is available on Houstonians for Great Public Schools’s Facebook page. 

Board of Trustee Candidates:

District 2: Chloe Veal, Arthur “Art” Smith, Katherine Blueford-Daniels, Jevon German, John Gibbs, Cris Moses, and Michael Maloney

District 3: Dani Hernandez, Sergio Lira (I)

District 4: Reagan Flowers, Patricia Allen, Larry McKinzie,  Matt Barnes

District 8: Judith Cruz, Diana Davila (I)