For every FBMS student, there are several adults in his/her life that have a deep need to ensure that their child is learning and thriving. Because our middle school kids don’t always want us “hanging around,” we have to come up with unique ways to insert ourselves into their world. The FBMS PTO would like to introduce an opportunity that could help you achieve the goal of being near your kid without alerting him/her to what is happening, and that benefits our amazing FBMS staff and school: The Panther Parent Squad

Our teachers, staff, deans and principal have their hands full. At times they need a helping hand or two to perform tasks that may only require a few hours or a few days of volunteer time.

The Panther Parent Squad is a start-up effort that pairs FBMS personnel needs with parents/guardians who have endless talents and skills and want to volunteer at FBMS when work and home commitments allow. The only requirement for participating in the Squad is registration with Volunteers in Public Schools, which is a requirement for all Houston ISD volunteers. Please note that all volunteers must register each new school year - even if you have been approved in years past.

Here’s how it works:

  1. FBMS personnel post volunteer opportunities here. The posts will includes details about the volunteer assignment, date(s), time, location and sign-up/contact procedure.

  2. Interested Panther Parent Squad volunteers who are VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools) approved (register here) respond by a) reaching out directly to the FBMS contact, or b) signing up online through the link posted (through Sign-up Genius or a similar platform).

  3. From there, coordination takes place between the FBMS staff member and volunteers - no need to report back to the Panther Parent Squad.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Needed: Volunteer Artist for Classroom drawings; Gently-Used Bookcase

Mr. Spriggs, FBMS teacher and Debate Team sponsor, has requested a volunteer who is an artist and could help him stencil or draw words/phrases on the walls of his classroom during the first week of school. He also asked for a gently used book case to be donated to his classroom. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Mr. Spriggs directly at

Needed: Gently-Used Bookcases, Milk Crates for Book Storage

Ms. Michelle Tolbert-Plant, 7th Grade English teacher, has requested gently-used bookshelves and/or milk crates to store books in her classroom. If you can help, please contact her at or 713-320-7501.